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We present you with examples of events that we organize or in which we participate. We also conduct all kinds of seminars on Japanese alcohol as well as tastings.



So far it was the largest event in Poland related to Japanese alcohol, hosted by HIKO SAKE It took place on October 3, 2020 at the "NIPPONKAN" restaurant in Warsaw.

We provided over 40 types of spirits in total, such as sake, shochu and smoothies. We also held seminars on Japanese alcohol and other workshops related to Japanese culture. We would like the next edition in 2021 to be an even bigger event.



We work with various restaurants and retailers to organize Japanese alcohol tastings. NORIHIKO SAKAMOTO, CEO of HIKO SAKE, explains and presents Japanese alcohols, in particular trying to show their great points and particular taste.



We cooperate not only with our president NORIHIKO SAKAMOTO, but also with other experts, conducting various seminars with the strongest team in Poland. Please contact us for information on how receive qualifications.



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