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We present to you our CEO, Mr. Norihiko Sakamoto, founder of HIKO SAKE, who is one of the best and skilled alcohol experts in the world

He was born in Hyogo, in the biggest brewery city in Japan. From the young age he liked to visit expensive restaurants to try and taste local flavors. When he was a student his interests in liquors has extended. Firstly, it was an interest into European alcohols, like Scottish whisky, Belgium beer and then vine. Then he decided to explore his passion professionally and in the age of 21 he started his path to become vine expert- sommelier. He received his certificates at the age of 25 and started to work as a sommelier in the best restaurants in Tokyo and Singapore. He was also a training master in a vine school. He had a chance to serve one of the best, the most famous, and the most expensive vines in the world.

In 2018 he decided to bring his vine knowledge to Europe, and start Hikosake, to prepare for this task, he travelled all over Japan to find the best sake breweries whilst experiencing many brewery technics. Japanese breweries do not easily start cooperation with others, and it is even harder, when the business negotiations are based on export. But thanks to Mr. Sakamoto's great passion, knowledge and expertise, he managed to start business with few selected sake companies. Thanks to that we are now able to offer the best brands form Japan. Mr. Norihiko Sakamoto is one of the „KOKUSAI KIKISAKESHI 国際唎酒師”, which is a certified sake expert. and his vast knowledge about sake and shochu is tremendous.

In 2019 he has moved to Warsaw and started HIKOEMON co ltd. From March 2020 he has started to sell his products of selected Japanese spirits under the name of Hiko Sake brand, and from that moment he started his path to presenting high class, premium Japanese spirits as well as sharing the knowledge about them among us all.


Born 7th of July 1984
In Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Interests: Tea Ceremony (Urasenke), Ikebana (Ohara), Cooking



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