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Our company imports and distributes premium alcohol from Japan. We want to revolutionize the Japanese alcohol market in Europe with the concepts of "BEST PRICE", "BEST QUALITY" and "BEST PRODUCT".

Our spirits are carefully selected by the president of our company Mr. Norihiko Sakamoto, who has many years of experience as a sommelier and a sake expert. We try to ensure that our price is adequate to the product quality and we take extra care with proper storage of all types of alcohol.

Hiko Sake


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer, we specialize in the import and distribution of premium Japanese spirits: sake, shochu, whisky, liqueurs and beer. All products are carefully selected and of the best quality.

We work with local, craft and traditional Japanese alcohol breweries and distilleries to provide you the highest quality liquors that are original and rare.

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